Macron’s speech: Reaction from the Greens/EFA group

Responding to Emmanuel Macron's speech on the future of Europe earlier today, Greens/EFA Co-President, Ska Keller, comments:

"Macron is committed to a strong, forward-looking Europe. He has indicated that he wants a social and fiscal Europe that protects its standards, especially environmental ones. For this, he can count on our support. He now needs to convince the other Member States and ensure that they will support his ambitious reform agenda for the European Union."

Greens/EFA Co-president, Phillippe Lamberts, adds:

“Emmanuel Macron's speech was without doubt bold and welcome. The French President today called for more convergence in Europe. If this means convergence of the highest social, environmental and democratic standards, then he can rely on our support.

“The French president did not shy away from the important Green topics, including a carbon tax, the minimum wage, financial transaction tax, or fairer taxation of companies.

“While highly anticipated in the euro area, Macron’s proposals regarding the budget and a finance minister would benefit from further clarification, because monetary union is not possible without strong financial solidarity between EU countries. Greater clarity is also needed on the direction of the Eurozone’s economic policies, which continue to be the cause of austerity, inequality and disillusionment with the EU."


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