As an Member of the European Parliament I receive a monthly salary of 8.484,05 EUR. After deduction of the EU community tax and accident insurance 6,613.53 EUR remain to spare.

In addition, I receive daily allowances of 307 EUR per day, I am working in the Parliament. This is supposed to cover additional costs of accommodation and meals during the stay in Brussels and Strasbourg.

My working time is about 84 hours a week (12 hours by 7 days).

Expenses for Personnel

I have a staff budget of 24 164.00 EUR per month. That is what I give for the salaries and social contributions of my five assistants, three of whom work in Brussels and one in Halle and Potsdam. Also interns are paid out of this pot. I also pay the costs of my staff on business trips to Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as their training. Since I am paying my employees and interns within fair wages, almost nothing remains at the end of the year.

Office Costs

MEPs receive monthly EUR 4342.00 to cover their general expenses. This includes, for example, the rents for the regional offices in Halle and Potsdam, telephone costs from me and my employees, computers, office materials, portos and much more.

We Greens have shown often that the use of the general cost reimbursement is not transparent enough. That is why we have repeatedly asked or supported applications which require a revision of the regulations. However, as there is no proposal to revise these regulations, the Greens / EFA have imposed a self-obligation for the future on the transparent handling of the funds from the general cost reimbursement which will take effect from 1. July 2017 onwards.

The self-commitment you can call here (in English).

In the follwing diagram I present for what purpose our general cost reimburstment of the year 2018 were used for. The total budget adds up from the twelve payments of 4320€ in adittion to the carry forward of 11.625,05 € of the year 2017.

Funds for public relations work

In 2017, there is a budget of EUR 41 500.00,  MEPs can use on request for their political work. For example in form of events and publications. In each individual case, it is checked whether the event, the flyer or the give-away complies with the budget guidelines.

In 2016, I paid for this budget, among others, the following items: Server and technical support of my website, events in Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, design of Sharepics for social media, press breakfasts in Brussels and Berlin, a photo exhibition in the European Parliament, the production of
bags and other give-aways and the new edition of the brochure on fair clothes.