Relocation of Refugees in EU: Where is the Spirit of Solidarity?

Last year, it was decided to relocate 160.000 refugees from Italy and Greece to other European countries. This decision was a paradigm shift. It was a promise to Italy and Greece, to solidarity in the EU, and to the refugees stuck in these countries.

Yet, until today, only 3.677 refugees were relocated from Greece, and a mere 1.064 from Italy. This is not enough! Meanwhile, unaccompanied minors are sleeping on the streets of Athens and Rome, children have no access to education, women and men receive no medical treatment. These are the real life effects of the lack of solidarity that we experience. More refugees are arriving every day. We have to make the relocation program a success to give these people the hope and the protection that they need.

You can also watch Ska's plenary speech on Youtube.

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