The suffering of the Spree – a new set of facts about sulphate contamination of the Spree


Scientists from the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) have prepared and made available a dossier on the causes, effects and current findings concerning sulphate contamination of the Spree.

The scientists draw attention to the threat to the drinking water supply in Frankfurt (Oder) and in particular to the metropolis of Berlin. The dossier also indicates the long-lasting negative effects that sulphate contamination can be expected to have on the species diversity of the Spree.

The IGB’s set of facts makes clear that the sulphate contamination of the Spree, which is clearly the result of lignite surface mines, poses an extremely serious risk. It also leaves no doubt that steps to minimise the sulphate contamination, in order to prevent lasting damage to the drinking water supply and the Spree’s ecosystem, are long overdue.

The full dossier and the brief summary (in German) can be accessed via the link to the IGB’s website.