Global biodiversity is in crisis!

Marine species are declining at an alarming rate. None of the previously set global targets for biodiversity protection were reached. But we have the chance to change that!

In 2022, representatives of world governments agreed on a new global biodiversity framework. This historic deal sets out global action that we will need to take to save biodiversity.
If properly implemented, this biodiversity framework has the chance to reverse the current devastating trends.

There are 3 things that we need to do until 2030 to save marine biodiversity:

  1. At least 30% of the global oceans must be protected and designated as marine protected areas (MPAs).
  2. Marine protected areas, once allocated, need to be effectively implemented!
  3. Threats to marine biodiversity from human activities need to be limited

What can I do to protect the oceans?

To save the oceans and their incredible biodiversity, systemic action and political commitment are needed.
Here are some examples of how you can also contribute.

  • Vote for politicians who care about marine protection 
  • Pay attention to how your representatives on the local / national / European level vote on marine protection 
  • Connect with organizations that work on marine protection in your country / city 
  • Participate in a protest fighting for marine conservation, or even organize one!
  • Find beach cleanup actions near you, or even organize one! 
  • Use reusable plastic products 
  • Eat sustainable seafood 
  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials 
  • Reduce use of fertilizers