Scottish Greens: Ska speaks at Autumn Conference

The Scottish Greens invited Ska to their Autumn conference. There she spoke about the place, Scotland has in Europe:

“In the European Parliament, we are not going to miss Nigel Farage or his UKIP colleagues who arrogantly plant their flag on their desks. But we will miss you. I will support you to stay in Europe and European Greens will always stand by your side.”

Ska also spoke about the existential role, local actors play in dealing with the current European issues like the so called "Refugee Crisis":

“There is a growing perception that there is a crisis in Europe, especially in relation to refugees. It’s at the local level where people are welcoming refugees, helping them to find places to live and schools for the children to learn. There are many great examples in Germany, where many ‘miracles’ have seen small towns do everything they possibly can to accommodate desperate people, often in the many hundreds. This required mayors, council officials and volunteers working together successfully.

Local issues will always be at the heart of Green politics. Of course, it should be possible for Europe, a continent with more than 500 million people, to be able to do more to help the refugee crisis. If Lebanon, a small country with a population less than five million people, can do it, then so can we.”

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