Schengen and migration: More political pressure needed!

The European Commission presented its plans for the future of the Schengen area and the European refugee and migration policy. Greens/EFA co-president Ska Keller comments:

"Little by little, the European Commission is undermining Schengen, a core achievement of the EU that is enjoyed daily by the citizens of the EU. This approach will not help in the fight against terrorism. Instead of adopting symbolic but ineffective policies, Member States must work together more closely in the fight against terrorism, for example by exchanging information more quickly.

"The European Commission has to put more political pressure on EU Member States to relocate refugees. It is welcome that the Commission is offering financial support to Member States that continue to take refugees from Italy and Greece after the end of the relocation program. But just offering money is not enough. The Commission must also call on Member States to do more on relocation. Individual Member States should take the lead and show how serious they are about solidarity in Europe."


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