Letter to Turkish Prime Minister Davotoglu: Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe in Sur, Diyarbakir!

Together with the Social Democratic MEP Richard Howitt, Ska has drafted a letter to Turkish Prime Minister Davotoglu. In it, she urges the Turkish authorities to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the Sur district in the south eastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir. Sur has been under curfew since 11 December 2015 and the infrastructure in the city is largely destroyed due to shelling. About 200 people remain trapped in basements, including 15 children under 10 years and an unknown number of wounded. Ska urges the Prime Minister to suspend the curfew and put in place a 24-hour ceasefire to allow the wounded to be cared for and evacuated and for people to be able to leave the area safely. Only then can another humanitarian crisis as the one in Cizre be prevented!

The call was co-signed by 75 MEPs and was sent to Turkish Prime Minister Davotoglu, the Turkish ambassador in Brussels Yenel, Vice-President/High Representative Mogherini, EP President Schulz, Commissioner Hahn and the President of the European Council, Tusk, on Monday.

The letter is available online.

List of Signatories (continuously updated):

Ska Keller (EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, Member of recent delegation to the South East, Greens/EFA, Germany)

Richard Howitt (Foreign Affairs Committee, S&D, United Kingdom)

Elena Valenciano (Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, S&D, Spain)

Michael Gahler (Foreign Affairs Committee, EPP, Germany)

Charles Tannock (Foreign Affairs Committee, ECR, United Kingdom)

Mark Demesmaeker (Foreign Affairs Committee, ECR, Belgium)

Yana Toom (Committee of Culture, ALDE, Estonia)

Takis Hadjigeorgiou (Foreign Affairs Committee, GUE/NGL, Cyprus)

Marie-Christine Vergiat (Human Rights Subcommittee, GUE/NGL, France)

Fabio Castaldo (Foreign Affairs Committee, EFDD, Italy)

Rebecca Harms (Co-President of Greens/EFA, Germany)

Bodil Valero (Foreign Affairs Committee, Greens/EFA, Sweden)

Ernest Maragall (EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, Greens/EFA, Spain)

Josep-Maria Terricabras (President European Free Alliance, Member of recent delegation to South East Turkey, Greens/EFA, Spain)

Helga Trüpel (Member of recent delegation to South-East Turkey, Greens/EFA, Germany)

Tatjana Ždanoka (Member of recent delegation to South East Turkey, Greens/EFA, Latvia)

Michel Reimon (Member of recent delegation to South East Turkey, Greens/EFA Austria)

Terry Reintke (Member of recent delegation to South East Turkey, Greens/EFA, Germany)

Maria Heubuch (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Barbara Lochbihler (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Elly Schlein (S&D, Italy)

György Hölvényi (EPP, Hungary)

Malin Björk (GUE/NGL, Sweden) 

Demetris PAPADAKIS (S&D Cyprus)

Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (ALDE, Spain)

Soraya Post (S&D, Sweden)

Barbara Spinelli (GUE/NGL, Italy)

Renate Sommer (EPP, Germany)

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (ALDE, Germany)

Monika Vana (Greens/EFA, Austria)

Sabine Lösing (GUE/NGL, Germany)

Jytte Guteland (S&D, Sveden)

Miguel Urban (GUE/NGL, Spain)

Stefan Eck (GUE/NGL, Germany)

Maite Pagazaurtundúa (ALDE, Spain)

Julia Reda (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Jordi Sebastià (Greens/EFA, Spain)

Ernest Urtasun (Greens/EFA, Spain)

Neoklis Sylikiotis (GUE/NGL, Cyprus)

Ramon Tremose i Balcells (ALDE, Spain)

Josef Weidenholzer (S&D, Austria)

Nessa Childers (S&D, Ireland)

Julie Ward (S&D, UK)

Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL, Spain)

Ivo Vajgl (ALDE, Slovenia)

Anna Zaborska (EPP, Slovakia)

Peter Niedermüller (S&D, Hungary)

Neena Gill (S&D, United Kingdom)

Stelios Kouloglou (GUE/NGL, Greece)

Rosa D'Amato (EFDD, Italy)

Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy)

Patricija Sulin (EPP, Slovenia)

Alyn Smith (Greens/EFA, UK)

Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL, Greece)

Milan Zver (EPP, Slovenia)

Gérard Deprez (ALDE, Belgium)

Costas Mavrides (S&D, Cyprus)

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (EPP, Sweden)

Iratxe García-Perez (S&D, Spain)

Vincent Peillon (S&D, France)

Marietje Schaake (ALDE, Netherlands)

Eugen Freund (S&D, Austria)

Curzio Maltese (GUE/NGL, Italy)

Ulrike Lunacek (Greens/EFA, Austria)

Teresa Giménez Barbat (ALDE, Spain)

Rina Ronja Kari (GUE/NGL, Denmark)

Marina Albiol (GUE/NGL, Spain)

Javier Nart (ALDE, Spain)

Monica Macovei (ECR, Rumania)

Anneliese Dodds (S&D, UK)

Keith Taylor (Greens/EFA, UK)

Judith Sargentini (Greens/EFA, Netherlands)

Jaromír Stetina (EPP, Czech Republic)

Matthijs van Miltenburg (ALDE, Netherlands)

Jean Lambert (Greens/EFA, UK)

Francisco Assis (S&D, Portugal)

Ana Gomes (S&D, Portugal)

Knut Fleckenstein (S&D, Germany)

Sophie in t'Veldt (ALDE, Netherlands)

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