#EUCO 24/25 May - Climate, Covid-19

Commenting on the summit of EU heads of state and government on Monday and Tuesday (May 24-25), Ska Keller, Chair of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, said:

"We call on heads of state and government to join the historic initiative by US President Joe Biden and over 100 countries for a temporary lifting of patent rights for coronavirus vaccines. The European Parliament is also calling for the blockade in the World Trade Organisation to be broken. Sharing patent rights can give a massive boost to global vaccine production and bring us a step closer to global protection from Covid-19. But we need to go further. We call on EU governments to share knowledge and technology internationally and increase production globally. Vaccines against Covid-19 must become a public good and benefit everyone. Solidarity and global cooperation are key to successfully fighting the virus.

“We are at a turning point in the fight against climate change. While world nations are ramping up ambition ahead of COP26, the Fit for 2030 package that will be presented by the Commission in July will be a credibility test for the EU as a global climate champion. EU governments should see climate action as an opportunity to strategically position themselves as the number one climate protector and translate the Green Deal into bold steps to save the climate and create jobs for the future. Cosmetic changes will not be enough. We need green and socially just structural change that includes boosting universal social support schemes and promoting sustainable mobility. The climate package must make polluters like the aviation industry pay, and a just transition must not come at the expense of the socially vulnerable. The EU should also stop promoting false climate solutions, such as burning forests for energy. Acting now can put us at the global forefront of protecting our planet, making just change work for our economy and industry, and supporting the jobs of the future."

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