EU top jobs: Greens/EFA put forward Ska Keller as candidate for the EP presidency

Today the Greens/EFA group put Ska Keller forward as candidate for the presidency of the European Parliament. The vote will take place on Wednesday. Ska Keller, President of the Greens/EFA group comments: 

"It cannot be up to the Heads of State and governments to decide on who should be the next President of the European Parliament. It's up to the Parliament and only to the Parliament to decide on our President for two and a half years.

"These elections proved that European voters want change in the EU. With the high turnout in the European elections, the Parliament has a special role and responsibility as the only directly elected EU institution to make the voters' voice heard. Its role vis-a-vis the Council and the Commission needs to be strengthened.

"I want to make the European Parliament more democratic, open and transparent. We need to make the Parliament the champion for the rule of law and democratic principles. In order for the European Parliament to be fully credible, it must act upon the principles that we publicly defend: we need to establish a new understanding of transparency and openness to the European public – be it when it comes to the publication of key documents of legislation or the influence of lobbyists on the legislative process."


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