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Trump EU trade tariffs EU must fight illegal trade measures at the WTO

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament is calling on the EU to take a case to the World Trade Organisation in response to US President Trump’s illegal trade tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Greens/EFA President Ska Keller comment:

 "The US has imposed illegal measures that must be challenged in the WTO. The EU has spent enough time trying to placate a US administration hell-bent on upending global cooperation on trade. Failing to act now would set a dangerous precedent and bolster Trump's belief that he can run roughshod over global trade rules.

“International trade can only function where there is genuine cooperation. It is crucial that the EU continues to present a united front in the face of Trump's aggression and makes clear that we will not strike bargains with a bully. The EU must work with partners to protect multilateralism.

“If Trump continues to escalate, then Europe needs to be ready to defend itself. A trade war is still avoidable, but the EU must be ready to take equal measures in retaliation to defend its jobs and industry.”