Handel und Globale Gerechtigkeit

Support Wallonia in its struggle against CETA!

In an open letter Ska and 87 other Members of the European Parliament expressed their support of the Wallonians in their denial towards CETA.

You can find the letter here in english and french

What is at stake in CETA goes beyond a simple technical agreement on liberalisation of goods and services: it is about our social and environmental norms, the regulatory capacity of public authorities and the independence of our justice.

This agreement has been negotiated behind closed doors without the consultation of elected representatives and raises many democratic issues. Beyond the serious concerns you raised about this free-trade agreement, you clearly identified the need for transparency at the heart of the decision-making process.

The refusal of Wallonia towards Ceta expresses the character of a vital democracy by hearing the concerns and protest of the civil society and including them to the descision making process.